Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

by theschoolprincipal on January 14, 2011

Remember Ike and  his warning about the military-industrial complex? His warning came true. So — what would Ike say today if he were around to watch the dismantling of the great American school system? He’d have to coin a new and original phrase. Probably some kind of word ending in “–ocracy.” But worse than “bureaucracy.” Oh yes, there are many things worse than bureaucracy. Try “corporatocracy.” No? How about “plutocracy?” You don’t think we’re there yet? Oh, dear reader. Face facts — those are words we soon shall need.

Today an  e-mail from PURE (Parents United for Responsible Education) arrived with an intriguing title: They’re heeeeere . . . .     In the body  the only words were  Read a new article that chillingly describes the infiltration of education by lizard-y corporate beings. And below that sentence was a link to PURE (Parents United for Responsible Education). I clicked on a couple of links and soon arrived at Got Dough? Public School Reform in the Age of Philanthropy by Joanne Barkan, the author of this startling, thought-provoking article for Dissent Magazine.org

They’re heeeeere … evokes an image from science fiction movies where aliens are living among us — and we don’t realize it, but they keep replicating and spawning and spreading, and soon the whole world is infiltrated. The world  as we know it is gone. And just like the humans in some of the sci fi flicks, the hoi-polloi  (and  I use that word to mean those who think of themselves as the upper echelon AND all those below who wish to  join them) eagerly and willingly allow themselves to be transformed into alien beings so that they too can share in the power with the powers that be. They would never question nor would they point out that the Emperor has no clothes. He’s the Emperor. Doesn’t he know everything about everything?

OK. Enough of those literary allusions. Here’s a cautionary tale about the 3B’s and all who seek their favor. The 3B’s – you know – the Billionaire Boys’ Club. Cozy, cozy while casting their dim light on all those who fawn and seek grace from on high. Do you think that a wolf is aware that he has wolfish qualities?  No. He has no motive for his behavior and no reason to reflect upon it. He doesn’t seek to destroy his prey for any other reason than – he’s a wolf. That’s what a wolf does. As a matter of fact, if he were to think about it, he would be quite proud of what he does because he does what he does so well. In our case, our three Mr.Wolves don’t know that they’re wolves. Not that they’re sheep. Oh bosh, not at all. They’re all fine fellows full of purpose and the best of intentions.

So take it away, Joanne Barkan. It’s a long article, but you really do want to read it. If you imbibe, sit down for this occasion with a glass of wine — and maybe the whole bottle — because, truly, you will need to fortify yourself the farther you delve into the text. If liquor doesn’t  appeal to you, find a blanket or a dog or something  to hang on to. You know that power corrupts (even when it doesn’t mean to) — and you know the rest of that saying. Give the 3B’s five more years and we’ll be theeeeere.

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