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If you are a student or anyone else who has experienced the effects of school reform, I would love to see your comments. This page was created just for you. You may leave a comment of your own, or you may comment on comments left by others. You must be logged in. Please let us know what your status is — student, etc. and let us know the state you live in. Thank you for your input.

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1 dezool
October 10, 2010 at 9:09 am

NCLB had many unintended consequences and flaws and needs to be the critical focus of teachers, parents, media etc. . I believe it is the source of many issues now facing us and driving the negative blame game towards schools and teachers. It attempts to quantify failure and success… but the basic assumption that it is even a valid measurement based on valid tests needs to be evaluated and questioned. We are blaming based on flawed data. The AYP/API system with its % of proficiency ranking is fueling the drama on this flawed data. This then spurs on blame in all the wrong places (teacher’s and unions) because it is now ‘quantified and measured’ . While all this is going on it shifts the focus from where it needs to be, drives people in droves from the field of education and discourages or burns out teachers in the trenches. It also assumes children learn the same way , at the same rate and can be measured the same way…. The real voices that should be heard are absent in the discussion- another unintended consequence simply because as the scapegoats our voices are not sought, valid or united.


2 theschoolprincipal
October 10, 2010 at 2:11 pm

I couldn’t agree more. Any ideas how we can move forward with this? There’s teacher leadership all over the country that supports what you’re saying. How can we bring all these people together and move forward to get something accomplished? Thanks for your insight.


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