Get Rid of School Recess?

by theschoolprincipal on October 1, 2010

In my first post, I talked about those principals who insist that their teachers spend much of their classroom time preparing their students for the state assessments in reading, writing, and math, thus neglecting science, social studies, art, music, and p.e.  I didn’t mention another trend: principals eliminating or reducing time for recess so that teachers have even more time for test prep. I just read a  blog by Mike Rose in which he reviews Diane Meier’s new book entitled Playing for Keeps: Life and Learning on a Public School Playground.

Read Mike’s blog for September 24, 2010. Read his review of the book: . . . the authors demonstrate the intelligence and imagination that is tapped during play, and they use this rich record to argue for a capacious and humane understanding of the role of play in children’s lives. And this argument, in turn, is embedded in a broader one about the need to acknowledge this intellectual and imaginative richness in current education policy, a policy that seems hell-bent (my phrasing) on advancing a very different approach to education and child development.

Getting rid of recess is one more unintended consequence of NCLB. Don’t do it.

UPDATE! Blog for tells us that Tucson Unified School District held a public hearing on November 9 about school recess. I can’t wait to check out the Tucson Daily Star to see the result.

For more about the importance of providing time for creativity go the link on the right sidebar, “Creativity and NCLB.”   Inside the post is a link to a wonderful Newsweek article about the creativity crisis. This article is actually what inspired me to start my blog.

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