This Is What I’m Talking About!

by theschoolprincipal on July 18, 2011

So. If President Obama wants advice about how to fight the war in Afghanistan, who will he invite to his roundtable? Bankers? Communications execs? Retail store CEO’s?

So, what is he thinking? What would these people know about fighting a war? How about education?  What in the world do they have to contribute to a conversation about education? What about asking educators how to reform schools? One of the most noticeable features of the federal school reform movement is that very few educators have been called to the table or to hearings — except for charter school operators, that is. I have had it —  and this is why I, a recently retired elementary and high school principal, will be marching  in DC on July 30.

I challenge Arne, the Prez, and any one of these people at the roundtable to spend one day in a classroom teaching to the standards and at the end of each period, test the students on how well they’ve learned the material. Arne and the Prez will find that it’s not quite as easy as they seem to think it is. No – not easy at all.

I’m serious. Bring it on. Let me know, Mr. President, Sec. Duncan, and members of the Roundtable, that you’re up to the challenge, and I will arrange the event myself. I will provide the materials and the tests. I’ll be looking for your email.

Thank you, Valerie Strauss for keeping us in the loop.

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