Teacher Appreciation Week

by theschoolprincipal on May 2, 2011

If you are a teacher, a librarian, a school psychologist or support staff, this entire week is about you.

Ignore the teacher bashing. It’s meaningless. You’re being used for political purposes. Fight back but don’t let it get to you. You know what you do — so you know that all of the hullabaloo is untrue. That’s all you need to know.

A teacher/activist from Kansas who’s busy helping organize for Save Our Schools March just sent me the following:

I was invited today to speak to a local labor group at a May Day event. It went very well. There were about 50 people there and they were really interested in what’s going on with teachers and especially in my district. Yes I talked about the march and the national momentum building among teachers. The best part came when someone raised her hand and asked “How can we help?”

Our district office is located in downtown KC, just a block from the Sprint Center, where they have concerts, etc. So on concert nights, the school district rents out their parking lot. Last night Jimmy Buffett was here and I volunteered to work the parking lot. The money is going into our professional development account. So I thanked every driver for supporting the teachers in the school district. And the comments I got back were just wonderful. So many people said thank you and commented on the problems teachers are having. One guy even gave me an extra $20! Maybe it’s just Jimmy Buffett fans but I left there feeling so appreciated.

What I realized today is that most people want to support teachers. It just isn’t politically correct to criticize us and blame us for (perceived) problems in our schools. And when we are under attack, as we are now, we find we have more supporters than we realized.

See the signature line on my email? No one (especially politicians) wants to be seen as someone who demoralizes teachers. As Howard Dean often says, we have good on our side.


ou don’t improve education by demoralizing the people who have to do the work every day.”

-Diane Ravitch

See. “The people” love you and admire you. Take that with you wherever go. If you’re a teacher, thank you.

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