Response to Arne Duncan’s OpEd Piece

by theschoolprincipal on January 3, 2011

If you are trying to keep up with the latest thinking of Arne Duncan,  our U.S. Secretary of Education, it’s important to know when he’s off course. My post yesterday told you where he stands in January of 2011 on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The reauthorization would include President Bush’s No Child Left Behind and President Obama’s Race to the Top.

Within hours of Arne’s post, Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at University of Southern California, posted a response in Valerie Strauss’s column, “The Answer Sheet,” on

Just keeping Arne honest. Facile, simplistic analysis of America’s public schools  by Secretary Duncan throws our schools only deeper down the Rabbit Hole. We must call Arne to account every time he speaks or writes. The facts please. Only the facts.

Thank you, Professor Krashen. And thank you, Valerie Strauss, for your insightful, informative posts for the I recommend them highly. And thank you, Ken Bernstein — teacher and blogger known as teacherken — for letting us know about Stephen Krashen’s response.

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