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by theschoolprincipal on February 24, 2011

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Looking for a party? Well, you can go, but you must act really, really nice. Don’t lose your temper. Stay calm. Keep your wits about you. But then be prepared, in your very best reasoned manner, to state the truth.

February 25 is the official date that the Waiting for Superman DVD will be available to the public. The venue? Supposedly, “thousands of house parties” scheduled all over the country. What marketing genius, in cahoots with Rhee/Canada/Guggenheim/Gates, organized these parties? It’s a great marketing strategy – but just more proof that The Shock Doctrine author, Naomi Klein, is right –   the power mongers in our country are strategically organized with a mission in mind: to completely dismantle public education. They want to privatize public schools — with taxpayers’ money. And what strategy could be better than convincing parents – in their own homes — that no public school is a good public school?

The Huffington Post provides a map so that you can see if any of these house parties are near you. So go, enjoy yourself, watch the movie, and then afterwards, when the discussion begins, you can help keep the conversation honest. Remember: Don’t argue. Don’t debate.  Before leaving for the party, go to the links below and print out copies of some of the articles, which reveal this movie to be the shoddy, poorly researched film that it is. Hand out the articles. Invite the other partygoers to host their own parties when another documentary (see next paragraph) is released in the fall.

As a way of countering WFS – and also as a way of celebrating that wonderful, old-fashioned American virtue — the truth is always paramount — we offer you the trailer for the upcoming documentary, The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for Superman, produced by the Grassroots Education Movement (GEM) in New York City.

The story behind the filming of The Inconvenient Truth behind WFS is recounted here on  Education Notes Online.

BONUS: Anyone who gives a house or school  party to show  GEM’s documentary, The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for Superman, is eligible to win a 10-minute conversation with Diane Ravitch.

Below are links to blog posts or quotes  by Diane Ravitch that expose the truth about Waiting for Superman. Print copies to take with you to the Waiting for Superman parties. Here is a link to Diane on YouTube. (Wish you could take this to the party –but you can hand out the link.)

Schedule a party of your own for GEM’s documentary in the fall. The truth must get out. It’s time to fight fire with fire. I’ll find out the release date of the film and post it on my site. I’ll also let you know how to find out where parties are being scheduled.

Remember: Stay calm. Don’t argue. Just the facts, ma’m. We want you to have only the facts.

Links to the truth and nothing but the truth: This column, by Vincent Stehle in The Chronicle of Philanthropy says all that needs to be said about Waiting for Superman, and it tells of another documentary I’m not familiar with –but I soon will be — “The Principal Story”, which unlike WFS, seems to tell it like it really, really is.  Valerie Strauss’s “The Answer Sheet” in The Washington quotes Diane Ravitch’s review of Waiting for Superman in the New York Review of Books and has a link to the full article. Diane and Deborah Meier share a blog on called “Bridging Differences”; in this post Diane tells Deborah more about charter schools. Diane tells USA Today when and why she changed her mind about NCLB.

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