Diane Ravitch on Daily Show 3/3/11!

by theschoolprincipal on February 28, 2011

Can you forgive?  I can’t. I think I can someday far into the future — but not today. Not  until things are set aright. I’ve been on this planet long enough to know that while I may have an opinion about everything — I have no right to start a campaign  of reform about any issue — UNLESS I HAVE WALKED IN THOSE PEOPLE’S SHOES.  Bottom line. The end. Maybe Bill Gates and Michelle Rhee just haven’t lived long enough to know that.

Bill Gates? I really do think he and Melinda are nice, generous people. But I am sorry. What they have done to public education and all of our excellent schools and excellent teachers is unforgiveable. Why start a campaign when you don’t know anything about the issues?

Here’s the BIG news. HOT, HOT HOT . . . The sleeping giant is beginning to awake.  Get ready!

Diane Ravitch will appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday, March 3 at 11 p.m Eastern. (Check local listings in case it’s broadcast earlier where you live.) She hopes she’ll be given the opportunity to mention our Save Our Schools March in July. What does that have to do with the sleeping giant –and his family — who are finally beginning to wake up?

The mainstream media have ignored  educators and parents for several years and given a voice only to the Michelle Rhees and Bill Gates and their ilk . Last week  Diane Ravitch’s post appeared on CNN.com, and this week Ken Bernstein’s (teacherken)  post appeared on CNN.com.  Save Our Schools has very recently been  interviewed by the New York Times. Diane’s appearance on The Daily Show is the first time WE have been given television coverage of any kind — ever. And WE means you, if you are on the side of REAL school reform carried out by educators and parents –not reform by the deformers, who know nothing about the classroom, but who think that business people and graduates of the Broad Academy can lead school reform.

Please get out the word about Diane. If enough  viewers watch Diane Thursday night, other outlets will take note.  Ask your twitter friends to tweet and retweet to get the word out. Save Our Schools March is asking that supporters show up  outside the building on March  3 from 4 to 5 pm with signs to greet Diane and  to let Jon Stewart know this is a big event. If we can get parents to show up too, wow!    The show will be taped at the Daily Show Studio which is located on 11th Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets in Manhattan. It will be rebroadcast a second time during a 24 hour cycle.

In the meantime, tonight the Oscar winner of the short documentary was The Inside Story. What relevance does that documentary have to what has happened to public education? Here is a link to Valerie Strauss in her column, “The Answer Sheet” on WashingtonPost.com.  One of the real experts who can talk to us about the matter is Kevin Welner. Please read his post.

And please watch Diane on The Daily Show this Thursday night. Tell your friends. Raise that meter high! If you tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, and then repeat, or blog, blog, blog, or leave your comment on blogs with the news —   Thursday night with Diane could be the tipping point. If we can get the attention of the national media, we’re on our way!

We’re depending on you. Public education and public school teachers need your support. This is your moment. Please help spread the word.



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1 John Sachs
February 28, 2011 at 9:14 am

Diane will have no more than 15 seconds to get her ENTIRE message across. She must practice saying her ENTIRE message so that she can say it calmly and MEMORABLY in 15 seconds.
I so wish the movement could design such a 15 second statement for every spokesperson to use. Repetition leads to understanding. If everyone involved in the movement will in every radio, TV, or print interview repeat the “Official” 15 second movement purpose (mantra?), it will be published or aired. News media are searching for 15 second sound bites. So let’s design one for use by every spokesperson on our team at every opportunity. Now, “Git ‘Er Done.” (See? I told you. Everyone of you know who popularized that expression.)


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