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This website is dedicated to our nation’s millions of hardworking and committed educators whose lives and thoughts and hours of the day are totally immersed in this wondrous institution called American public education.

Our Arizona state legislature has been steadily reducing school funding for a long time. The only feasible solution is for educators and parents to join together. I hear that Vail parents and perhaps the Benson superintendent are forming  a coalition to pressure our legislators to adequately fund Arizona’s public schools. Vail parents  made a difference during the last legislative session. What a great start!  Organize parents and teachers in your town and join them

Realistic and meaningful school reform in the United States is an important endeavor and a necessity if the United States is to retain an eminent position in the world during the 21st century. School reform is a must if we believe that all children, regardless of their ethnicity, color, background, or IQ, should be given the opportunity to reach their potential.

Some people are strong advocates for one of those two above beliefs, but don’t care a whit about the other. Many are strong proponents of both. You have to agree with only one of those beliefs in order to believe in the urgency of school reform.

As a side note, I was inspired to start this blog after reading a June article in Newsweek on the importance of creative problem solving for our nation’s future  . You don’t have to go to the link to use this blog. But if you do, you may ask why our leaders in Washington didn’t go through this process in 2001 before arriving at such monumental and sweeping school reform. It’s not too late for us as educators to go through this process right now — and help Washington and our local schools and our kids. Together, let’s get the school reform train back on track.

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1 Chuck Olynyk
February 20, 2011 at 1:30 pm

I’m a survivor of reconstritution, the fate that befell Fremont High in Los Angeles Unifoed School District. My stories of how Fremont, a high school in South Central Los Angeles, a school which was improving, was torn apart by the misguided policies of NCLB and RTTT. You can read about them at “Saving the Mont” at http://savingfremont.weebly.com/ (written before many of us left Fremont as part of the turnaround policy June 25, 2010), as well as the continuing effects, especially in LAUSD schools, at “Remember Fremont” at http://rememberfremont.webs.com/. Stand and be counted.


2 theschoolprincipal
February 20, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Because of you many, many people know the story of Fremont High. I just read your letter on the http://www.saveourschoolsmarch.org. What has happened is so sad — especially since so many of you love that school. All across the country similar things are happening — a total dismantling of our public school system. Congress and President Obama are simply not listening to those of us who know about the trenches. A few people are waking up like the citizens in Seattle and Wisconsin. Idaho and Indiana are pushing back. We WILL take our schools back. We WILL stand and be counted. Keep on keeping on — get your message out there.


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